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Top 10 Free Blogging Sites 2014

Top 10 Free Blogging Sites – If you are thinking of creating a blog it’s a great idea. Blogs are a great way to share your knowledge, your discovery or just for fun some articles. The first thing to write a blog is to create a your own blogging site and then hosting it. But if you don’t want to get into the hassles of developing a site, hosting, Domain and deploying then you can choose any of the free blogging sites mentioned below.

Free Blogging Sites 1:- Blogger

Free blogging sites Blogger Dashbord

Blogger is easy to use, most popular and beginners preferred blogging website and it is owned by google. Blogger provides many features like Template Designer UI by which you can tweak your blog’s appearance as much as you want, administrator interface which is very user friendly and top-notch integration with their Google account. The best thing about blogger is all these things are for free for which you need to pay in other blogging site. Blogger also provides you to have a custom domain for free and also provide your personal unique domain only for 10$. As it is owned by Google Adsense (google advertisement program to earn money) is very simple. With some SEO tips for blogger it can be a very good website to start with blogging.

Free Blogging Sites 2:- WordPress

Free blogging sites WordPress
Now you might have confused because I talked about WordPress before. But it is different as people are having fun with WordPress so WordPress used his own web development software and created to have fun. It is also one of the major blogging sites besides WordPress even better than that as I have experienced. You can choose your gorgeous themes, free SEO, anti-spam filters, traffic status and more. If you are not satisfied with it you can go premium (yeah premium) which includes upgraded web hosting resources, Domain name and more.
But the only problem is this you can’t add your Google Adsense or other advertisement on it. They have their own earning program but they don’t allow you others.

Free Blogging Sites 3:- HubPages

Free blogging sites Hubpages
HubPages is one of the easiest, simplest, free and money making blogging site. Seriously if you can’t use it you need to buy Blogging for Dummies. You can write a blog about anything. Google and other search love HubPages because it won’t allow their publisher to publish duplicate content in their blogs and unique content means natural SEO. HubPages support third party apps like Google Analytics, Adsense and eBay ads. So if you are a good and original content writer HubPages is best for you. Even you can get google Adsense account approval quicker with HubPages.

Free Blogging Sites 4:-

Free blogging sites Blog com
It is also based on WordPress web development software. It will give beautiful premium themes for free as well as advance plugins and unlimited bandwidth which we can only expect in self hosted blogs. But the problem is their free service show more ads than

Free Blogging Sites 5:- Tumblr

Free blogging sites tumblr
Tumblr is a popular and micro-blogging with outstanding features like free custom domains, users can post text, images, videos, audio and more and amazing blogging themes.
You can connect your Facebook and twitter account. Tumblr supports many third party apps like Google Analytics, Adsense and Feedburner.

Free Blogging Sites 6:- Posterous Spaces

Free blogging site posterous spaces
Posterous Spaces are a superb on-line blog publishing site which is almost like Tumblr.
Posterous Space has a wonderful privacy and viewing feature so that you can easily manage who can see what. Posterous Space is designed in such a way that user can post content as quickly as possible. It also has apps for Ios and Android Smartphone.

Free Blogging Sites 7:- LiveJournal

Free blogging sites livejournal
LiveJournal also known as LJ (Lame) offers blogging with a social networking. Means LiveJournal (LJ lame) is not only a blogging sit but also a social networking site. The features are nothing to brag about. But you can create networks, interact with other LiveJournal user and also participate in polls. Hmm not bad I guess.

Free Blogging Sites 8:-

Free blogging sites weebly is not just a blogging site. It is a website builder. Confused, I mean you can create your own website with its drag-and-drop interface. You can build your own blogging site

Free Blogging Sites 9:- Blogetery

Free blogging sites blogetery
Blogetery is a normal blogging website but it gives you payment to write blogs. You will get 90% of the profit, which way too much better than any other site. Blogetery is also a WordPress Based online blogging service with some 140 themes and the roughly 40 plugins for free.

Free Blogging Sites 10:- TypePad

Free blogging sites typepad
TypePad Micro is also a free blog-publishing service. The user interface is easy and you can import/export blogs from many other blogging platforms. for


You can earn money with these free blogging sites. But if you really want to write blogs for earning money and want to be a professional blogger I won’t recommend you to use any of them. I would recommend you to create your own site with your unique domain name. If you are not a web site developer or technical person you can use WordPress is the web development software which you can use to create a beautiful website or blog and it is free. There is a huge community for creating the templates and plugins which will do almost every work related to the development of the site.
But if you just need to post the blogs occasionally and just want to share your knowledge with a bit of earning for free, you can choose any of the above 10 free blogging sites which are the most popular among millions of active bloggers.


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  2. blogger is,the best free blogging site

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  4. blogger is,the best free blogging site

  5. I use wordpress for my blog TechMozilla. It is easy to customize and great with plugins and support.

  6. I have to put a question.. WHy most of the famous blogging sites use wordpress?

    • WordPress is a best content management system for for blogging(my personal review). The plugins and dashboard make your work easy. WordPress blog are great for search engine optimization as well.

  7. I think given all blogs are good and effective we need to create blogs in different websites for increase link buildings.

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