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Top 10 Android Racing Games July 2013

Do you like racing games and Do you like to play them on your android devices? Here are the Free top 10 android racing games for July 2013.

1. Turbo Racing League

turbo-racingTurbo Racing League is based on the Dreamworks Studio movie Turbo. It is the fast paced racing game. The players will create the racing snail and he can customize his racer with hundreds of upgrade and design. There are 4 mod of racing and 9 unique tracks. Players can use the tomatoes, which are scattered along each track, to upgrade at the shops. Download Turbo Racing League from play store


2. Fast & Furious 6: the Game


Fast & Furious 6 the game is based on the movie Fast and Furious 6. Players can test their driving skills on the street of London. Players can join the Fast and Furious crew to gain the around the streets by taking various jobs and join tournaments or different crew to compete on the Leaderboards. As player progress the player will get new cars and he can do coustomization and upgradation in it. Download Fast & Furious 6 the game from the Play Store


3. Drag Racing


Drag Racing for Android is one of the hottest drag racing games out there. Drag racing is a very simple game players just needs to race against another car in a straight line. Players can challenge their friends or random racers. Players can race against 9 racers at a time. After winning player gets the cash to upgrade his car.  Download Drag Racing from play store.


4. CSR Racing


If you are into drag racing CSR Racing will give you the real drag racing experience. The key to winning the player is starting and upshift at the right time. There is a blur effect as you go faster during the race itself , which gives a real sense of speed. Download CSR Racing from Play Store.


5. Beach Buggy Blitz


If you like Mario Kart, then you love Beach Buggy Blitz. Player need to complete the lap in a given time if he will save some time in a lap, The time will be added to the next. Each lap is different from another. Players need to drive their hot-rod buggy as far as they can on a mysterious tropical island. Players can unlock powerups like the fire-spitting Boost, the coin-tastic Coin Bubble, and a Shield that makes you unstoppable! Download Beach Buggy Blitz Play Store .

6. Real Racing 3


Real Racing 3 is most popular racing series for Android from EA. Real Racing 3 offers players a true racing experience from the amazing care models. Player get the cash after each winning by which he can upgrade your car or buy new cars. Download Real Racing 3 Play Store .


7. Raging Thunder 2


Raging Thunder 2 is developed by Pixelbite Games. Player will drive through tropical beaches, abandoned temples and snow covered mountains. Players can choose from Time Attack, Survival, Career Mode, Instant Race, or from any of the 5 single player game modes. Players can collect coins so they can upgrade and buy a new car to take on opponents. Download Raging Thunder 2 Play Store.


8. Drag Racing: Bike Edition

drag- racing-bike-edition

Drag Racing: Bike Edition is about sports bikes. Player race against their opponent in a short line track. Player will get cash for winning the race so he can upgrade his bike. Drag Racing: Bike Edition have four different online modes : Career Mode, Online Mode, Quick Race and Training. Racing is simple , players just needs to keep their revs in the green zone during launch to win the race. Download Drag Raging: Bike Edition from Play Store.


9. Speed Racing


Players get ready and buckle up to play Speed Racing by Italy Games. Players simply touch the screen to accelerate, tilt their phone to steer left or right and most interesting there are no-brakes. Players will earn gold coins and unlock seven cars including the Tiny Bee, Blue Bird, Snow White, Rose Flame, Silver Star, Hot Sand and Dark Knight. Download Speed Racing from the Play Store .


10. Highway Rider


Be daring in Highway Rider, and see if you can speed down the highway without crashing into vehicles. The more vehicles you pass, the more coins you will earn. Just make sure you don’t crash, otherwise your coins will go to the hospital bill. Highway Rider has high-quality graphics and great sound effects. Download Highway Rider from the Play Store.


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